Julia Cheung

Marketing and Operations Manager, Thornett + Corder

About Julia Cheung

LANGUAGES: French, Cantonese, Basic Spanish, Basic Mandarin

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: A seasoned Communications Manager and former Freelance Journalist, Julia is the Marketing and Operations Manager for Thornett + Corder. Jennifer Thornett and Micah Corder specialize in boutique real estate services in Northern Virginia and DC. Their white glove service includes selection consult, staging consult, and condition update project management. With more than 25 years of real estate experience, Thornett+Corder have worked tirelessly to serve their clients with personal and professional integrity, attention to detail and unsurpassed dedication, earning numerous awards and designations over the years.

What began as a family business has grown to encompass hundreds of clients, over 500 transactions, and almost $900 Million in sales as Thornett+Corder have fine-tuned their expertise in Northern Virginia, building on a deep and life-long investment in the community.

EDUCATION: MA in English Literature, Simon Fraser University

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT PAST AND PRESENT: Foster Parent, Rivendell School Parent Volunteer, Member of Washington Community Fellowship

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