Palisades is a charming, quiet, and fairly secluded residential community along the Potomac River starting from Georgetown University Hospital to the DC-Maryland boundary. Here you will find larger detached homes and townhouses in a wide variety of styles with grassy yards. It is a place where both young families and long time residents reside alike. Many of these families come to Palisades for the area's several highly acclaimed schools. McAurthur Boulevard which runs through Palisades is filled with upscale and diverse restaurants, shops, a convenience store and a weekly farmers market. Other attractions include the rec center, newly updated library, Fletcher's Cove, a renowned fishing and recreational area, Battery Kemble Park, biking and running trails, kayaking, as well as access to the C&O Canal. The community has taken pride in its popular 4th of July parade since 1966 where the streets fill with music and food.

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